How to Restore Deleted Outlook Items?

Microsoft Outlook is an internet email client, which can be used as personal information manager application and can also be used with Microsoft Exchange Server for group scheduling and mailing. At times it is very imperative to remove unwanted Outlook items such as mails, in order to maintain the correct working of PST file and entire Outlook. If you accidentally delete some emails, considering them as not important then you can retrieve them back from “Deleted Items” folder. Suppose at one point of time, you find out that the unintentionally deleted emails are not present in Deleted Items folder then it becomes very difficult to get it back. However, Microsoft Outlook provides an inbuilt option to recover deleted email from Outlook and other versions of Outlook. This option can be used only if your Outlook is configured properly with the Microsoft Exchange Server. It is also possible to recover deleted email from outlook express, with the help of inbuilt utility.

You can use this option by first selecting the folder from which the emails have been deleted from the left panel of the Outlook. For example: If you have deleted the emails from your Inbox that you want to recover then select “Inbox”. After selecting the folder, click “Tool” and select “Recover Deleted Item”. All the deleted items will be listed, select the deleted emails that you want to recover and click “Restore Selected Items”. All the deleted Outlook items will be restored at their original location. This option can be used to recover emails and other Outlook attributes that are lost by emptying the Deleted Items folder and also to restore hard deleted emails. Hard deleted means deleting Outlook items using Shift+Delete key combination. One disadvantage with this option is that, Microsoft Exchange Server maintains the copy of deleted items from Outlook only for 14 days. After this time interval, they will be lost permanently. There are some other scenarios in which there is some possibilities of losing the emails like, if your Outlook is not configured with Microsoft Exchange Server then you cannot recover deleted emails those which are lost by emptying the Deleted Items folder and also hard deleted emails, any corruption to the Outlook PST file, improper shutdown, power shortage, viruses etc can also delete the emails from the Outlook. So in such situations best PST repair tool can easily restore deleted item from Outlook.

When the items are deleted from the Outlook, in actual, the pointers pointing to them are deleted but the original content remains on the drive. The spaces occupied by the Outlook items are made empty in order to store new data. So, in case, if you find no way to recover deleted Outlook items after searching Deleted Items folder and using Microsoft Exchange Server, then stop using the Outlook and try some good third party software to restore deleted items from Outlook.

Best PST repair software is one of the strongest available tool for recovering deleted items from the Outlook and also fix corrupted Outlook PST. It only reads from the original PST file and creates a new recovered PST file for deleted emails and also for other deleted items. This utility not only recovers deleted items from Outlook but also repair the corrupted PST files. This tool can also repair Outlook 2003 PST file corrupt after improper system shutdown, header corruption, using PST file over network. It is going to scan your corrupted PST file, extract data from it and helps to create a whole new PST file that could import on your Outlook profile. It supports recovery of deleted emails from MS Outlook 2010, 2007, and 2000. You can obtain the free demo version of this product. Once you are satisfied with the product, then you can purchase the licensed version to save recovered deleted emails.

Follow steps to restore deleted Items from Outlook:

Step 1: Download and Install free demo version of PST Repair Software and launch it by double clicking on the desktop icon to fix PST file. Once the software is launched, the main screen will appear where you need to select one of the option among 3 different options i.e. “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile” as per your needs.

PST Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select any one of the scanning option among 2 options i.e. “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option on the basis of severity of PST file corruption then click on “Repair” button in order to start the repairing process

PST Repair Tool - Next Screen

Step 3: Once the repairing process is done, view the repaired PST files along with all the recovered items of corrupted PST file.

Repair PST - Preview Screen