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Today most of the industrial organisations prefer using Microsoft Outlook because of it comes equipped with default addtional components. Think of a scenario, where you had opened your Outlook to send some message to your Team Manager. But it was not possible, since Outlook was failing to respond even after trying to open them repeatedly. This can be the worst situation you would ever had faced. In such a frustrating time you tried to fix the problem by the use of Inbox Repair Tool that is in built in Microsoft Outlook. But, due to the bad luck, even the Inbox Repair Tool fails in fixing the problem. What can be done now??? Don’t Panic!!!!  This can be solved by using best Outlook repair software on your Windows system.

There are many more reasons, which may lead to the loss of emails from Microsoft Outlook. Few of them are discussed below:

Common PST corruption scenarios leading to loss of emails from Outlook are:

  • Abnormal termination of Outlook application: Since MS Outlook uses complex database file to keep everything, it needs to exit properly upon saving all files. Sometimes while accessing Outlook the computer may suddenly let down as a result of power failure or application crash. It will close the Outlook forcefully without saving any data, which results in some incorrect or incomplete information on PST file. This garbage data might lead to PST file corruption and email loss.
  • Over sized PST files: If PST file exceed its maximum size, it gets corrupted and Outlook is not going to open and you won’t be able to access any information through the Outlook thus leading to mail loss.
  • Due to compact operation: Most of us wish to compact our Outlook mails and other files to save the disk space. When you try to compress your PST file there is a portability of PST files getting corrupted and resulting loss of mails from Outlook.
  •  Impact of virus attack: There are many improperly protected email servers which easily allow the viruses or malware to get in through them. While accessing your emails, just in case you run into such servers, you will discover chance of your PST file getting infected through the virus. Once it's infected, it's going to automatically slow up the operation of Outlook and PST file will also get corrupt leading to loss of Outlook mails.

Under these situations you might lose files and important mails from your Outlook. To know the process of finding missing email folder from your MS Outlook profile visit http://www.bestpstrepairtool.com/find-lost-email-folder-outlook.html. You might think on how to recover outlook mails or any another data after PST file corruption. However, you shouldn't have to stress because it's easy to repair corrupted PST file and obtain back all lost data from Outlook. No matter how you have lost Outlook mails, in the event you face PST file corruption without backup, then utilizing some PST repair utility is the only option left for you.

It's also possible to repair PST file using built-in scanpst.exe tool, however it might not work in the event if the PST file is corrupted severely. So it is always advised to use best PST repair software which really performs well to restore lost Outlook mails. This tool is capable enough to restore deleted items from Outlook as a result of accidentally pressing empty folder option, using shift delete key and files getting deleted when they are stored for a longer duration. Using this tool you'll be able to repair your PST file without modifying your respective original PST file. This tool can also fix Outlook 2003 PST file corrupt after improper system shutdown, header corruption, using PST file over network. It is going to scan your corrupted PST file, extract data from it and helps to create a whole new PST file that could import on your Outlook profile. Repair Outlook PST is such utility that delivers an effective repair mechanism. Additionally, this software can also repair corrupt MS Outlook 2007 PST file after errors due to virus infection, improperly closing Outlook, oversized PST file etc. The demo version of this software is also available. You can even download it from the company website and evaluate the results.

Steps to Recover Outlook Mails:

Step 1: Download and Install free demo version of PST Repair Software and launch it by double clicking on the desktop icon to fix PST file. Once the software is launched, the main screen will appear where you need to select one of the option among 3 different options i.e. “Open PST File”, “Find PST File” and “Select Outlook Profile” as per your needs.

PST Repair Tool - Main Screen

Step 2: Now, select any one of the scanning option among 2 options i.e. “Normal Scan” or “Smart Scan” option on the basis of severity of PST file corruption then click on “Repair” button in order to start the repairing process

PST Repair Tool - Next Screen

Step 3: Once the repairing process is done, view the repaired PST files along with all the recovered items of corrupted PST file.

Repair PST - Preview Screen